Say hello to our current bloggers!


Zac Schraeder – @zed_ay_see
Student Services Advisor, AGPS – Toronto, Ontario.
Favourite JGI program: 
This blog!

“I’m big into social justice, equality, human rights, and making ethical food & consumer choices… oh, and the grand sport of baseball, but that’s just an aside!
The great thing about the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada is that it has always embodied the essence of my personal philosophy: sustainability and conservation. I’m a ‘newby’ at JGI Canada as its Social Media Engagement Advisor & Blog Editor. It’s my hope that, in all my ‘newby’ glory, I can articulate the perspective of the newcomer who might be a little bit shy or intimidated by all the really amazing work JGI does. Let’s learn!”

Zac’s Blogs: The RantPhile & Scoring Positions


Emma Cancelliere

Emma Cancelliere – @quitethejaunt
Undergraduate Student, University of Toronto, Biological Anthropology & Environmental Studies – Toronto, Ontario. 
Favourite JGI Program: Sustainable Livelihoods Project

“I got involved with the Jane Goodall Institute as a summer intern, carrying out a research project on local perceptions of primates at the sustainable livelihoods site in western Uganda. I wrote about my work, research, and propensity for silliness in Uganda here.

Emma’s Blog: Quite the Jaunt



Allison Forsythe – @AllieBamma
Public Servant – Ottawa, Ontario.
Favourite JGI Program: Roots & Shoots

“After I attended one of Dr. Goodall’s lectures, I knew that I wanted to get involved with JGI Canada. Her message of hope is so powerful and so inspiring—I wanted to yell it from the rooftops! There are tons of people already doing amazing things as part of Roots & Shoots and the other JGI programs, so I became a JGI blogger to help showcase their stories and to let other people know that their own actions really do matter.”

Allison’s Blog: Wannabe Writer Life



Ria Ghai@riarghai
PhD Candidate, Department of Biology, McGill University – Montréal, Québec.
Favourite JGI Program: 
Teacher Workshops

“I became a JGI blogger because I wanted to take a more active role in conservation and animal (particularly chimpanzee) welfare. Being a PhD student is wonderful, and very intellectually challenging. But sometimes it can make you really detached from real-world issues, as it’s easy to get lost in mounds of data and their analyses. In the past, I’ve emerged from weeks of work only to realize that in all my efforts, I haven’t gotten any closer to my dream of helping on-the-ground conservation initiatives. JGI has allowed me to help where I can – by spreading the word.”

Ria’s Blogs: & McGill GradLife



Carly Ziter@carlyziter
MSc. student, Department of Biology & Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University, and
Project & Social Media Manager at ESMontreal ( – Montréal, Québec
Favourite JGI Program: 
Community Centred Conservation

“As a graduate student, I work to solve problems related to biodiversity loss and ecosystem service provision – with an aim to contribute to conservation efforts on our amazing planet. While I love the scientific work that I do, I strongly believe that to really effect environmental change we need not just good science, but strong communication, and effective outreach. Writing for JGI helps me to fulfill my desire to reach out beyond the walls of academia and spread the word to a broader audience about important (and fascinating!) issues in a field that I really love.”

Carly’s Blog: Montreal’s Ecosystem At Your Service


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