Hey friends!

Thank you for taking the time to come and visit the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada’s blog!

There are over 600 Roots & Shoots groups in Canada and countless individuals who share the Jane Goodall Institute’s mission, values and passion for making change. This blog is way to bring people together to make these values and passions tangible and accessible. I hope you get inspired by what you read!

If you believe in and live what we at the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada strive for, I encourage you to contact me and the many talented, dedicated people contributing to this blog. Our goals are to convey a passion that you can relate to and engage with, and to highlight the real-life examples of the impact of our programs.

We are always eager to hear about how you are creating change and want you to feel empowered to share your stories and encourage you to connect with us.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Zac Schraeder
Social Media Engagement Advisor & Blog Editor

Image copyright, JGI DRC, 2012.


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