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We want you to participate! You are always welcome to comment on a blog post, or on our facebook or twitter pages.

All of the comments are public. Negativity, personal attacks, explicit or profane words and/or content, external links to inappropriate websites, off-topic comments, and spam are therefore not tolerated, and will be deleted by the blog editor. Having said this, we are not responsible for public comments, though we will do our best to delete anything offensive.
We are okay with being criticized! Change doesn’t happen if nobody thinks critically about it! Please make sure that any critique is respectful of both the Jane Goodall Institute and fellow readers. Please avoid giving out any personal information – all comment content is 100% public and can be accessed by anyone.
All the content of this blog is the property of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, with the exception of any content sourced through creative commons. We ask that you respect photographers by using their material in the way they specify by following the links we provide each image caption. Our use of commons-sourced content does not imply the endorsement of the artist or photographer.
If you see anything inappropriate, are being harassed by someone because of a comment you have left, or if you have any questions or concerns about the content or comments of this blog, contact Zac Schraeder, Social Media Engagement Advisor & Blog Editor at


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